Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to Stone Age… or may be Stonehenge?


Today we are going to Stonehenge! Are you ready? 

As you all know, Stonehenge is a ring of standing stones which was built 3000 BC to 2000 BC. It is situated in the Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire, England.

This extraordinary place was added to the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Every year more than 1 mln people come here. So what makes this place that much popular? At a first sight, it is just stones… Giant and mysterious stones… which make people get a fright with its sizes. And all of them are man-made structure... 

Today, Stonehenge consists of standing and sitting stones. Standing stones are massive blocks whichs` height up to 9 metres and weight about 25 tonnes! Horizontal stones are called "blue stones", as it is associated with their colour when wet and cut. Their weights are 4 tonnes. And right here, there is one an interesting point. These blue stones are not native for the area of Stonehenge... it is believed that these stones are from Wales which is quite far (250 km) from Stonehenge... So there are different stories and theories about how these stones occurred in Wiltshire.. Some researches believe that nobody moved these stones from Wales, as during the last ice age glaciers carried them close to Stonehenge. But who knows? Some people think that normal people cannot build such huge place and without doubt, there was assistance of mystic forces.

The other mystery is about the purpose of building this place... Many researches consider the place a religious or spiritual landmark and it was used as an astrological observatory.
Bryan Brewer (Eclipse) writes that "every year on the first day of summer, the Sun rises at a point that is farther north than on any other day of the year. At the ruins of Stonehenge in England, this solstice sunrise appears on the horizon in direct alignment with the massive heel stone. This is the most outstanding feature of this ancient monument... By counting the number of days between these annual alignments, they could determine the length of the year. This could serve as a practical calendar to mark holidays and seasonal festivals and to ensure the timely planting and harvesting of crops."

The other version is also close to the first one.  During the last 10,000 years Earth there were 2 impacts of objects such as comets or meteorites. One was around 7640 BC and the other which is knows as Noah's Flood about 3150 BC. It is believed that after 7640 BC, European people started to develop the civilization for predicting and preparing for the future meteoric impacts. Therefore, the megalithic structures of Stonehenge were built.  

Of course, it is difficult to say something exact about the past and may be we never will know correct version about the mysteries of Stonehenge. But it never will lose its importance and popularity. And always will be considered as a world heritage...

Lets continue with photos :)

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