Sunday, October 13, 2013

When you want to breathe, but you cannot find air...

Feelings... Feelings transform a person to a human... Have you ever thought about feelings? What do we call feelings? Do we feel all of them during our short life? Sometimes i think there exist some feelings those we even don't know the names... But definitely someone in the other part of world feels it..  
and today..
I want to write you about feeling which i could not name... I just called it "when you want to breathe, but it seems there is no air around"... During my life, I felt so many things... I was the happiest person, i felt like im the most unlucky person... i had pain, i had joy... and so on... but it happens to me for the first time... and the most interesting part is that even in my thoughts i cannot find the real reason. i have to be pleased of my life... but it seems im running from one door to another and cannot find the open one... you may be will call it usual depression... but im sure it is not... it is just airlessness in the feelings.. it happens when your feelings cannot find enough "oxygen" for their is like you are in the depth of huge ocean and you cannot swim... and you feel the most painful happens to your feelings... it is the death of feelings... just imagine will never see your those feelings anymore... you will never feel them one more time... just because they are dead... 

/One more sleepless night and story/

p.s. im not a pessimist person... just some times these feelings come without warning...

p.s.s photo by me... Sumgayit/Azerbaijan (2012)

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