Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A night story... by SHE again...

She was sitting in her favorite sofa in that dark night... The music was playing in low volume.... And She again started to think... She thought her feelings are the most painful and stupid ones in this world. 

What happened? Yes... happened the worst. She was in love with her best friend. She loved him with all her heart. How did it happen? She did not remember. Because when she opened her eyes to life, it has already existed. 

Now she has just few questions...

Do you know what is love? What is no response love?

You know what is to love the person who is the closest in your life? 

Do you know the situation in which you cannot just escape? You cannot escape even from yourself. Because your life is full... Full of this person. In every side of your life, there is HIM! 
Do you know what is to love your best friend who cannot even imagine that you love him? The person who can come to you and talk to you about his love stories. The person who periodically wants advice from you. And with all your efforts you just curb your feelings with tears in your eyes and lie. You just want to shout : Don't speak!!! Don't speak!!! Don't speak because it hurts... But you cannot... You are just friends.. Close friends... You need each other ... just as a friend... as a good friend... It lasts years... and the most painful feeling is when you are jealous... jealous of person who is not yours. and will never be forever!!!

You remember your days with him... You remember dates...the dates which he cannot even remember approximately... but you can say even the exact time. you remember the places where you laughed and cried together. the places where you fought... you remember with smile the places where you were confused as a romantic couple... you were closer more than every couple. you know each other better than any lovers. but you are not couple... you do not have any romantic relationship... you are just friends. you have to remember it every time... every minute... 


You just imagine your own hell in this world..After few years, you will be again friends.. with different families who will have to be friends as well...

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